Making Early Music in Nova Scotia since 1978 

Early Music refers to music composed before approximately 1750. This includes composers such as Bach, Purcell, Lully and many others. 

The Early Music Society of Nova Scotia exists:
  • to open lines of communication related to early music activities within the community
  • to nurture early music making at all levels
  • to encourage performance opportunities
  • to build audiences that enjoy early music.
medieval woman painting holding a lute

We host 'readings' where vocalists and musicians get together to play (without rehearsal), and workshops with professionals, including dance night, throughout the year and occasionally professional concerts. Many of our members are part of classes in a particular instrument and/or informal consorts which meet to play early music. 

Characteristics of Early Music

played and promoted by EMSNS

  • Written by western European composers before 1750, including the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Baroque periods
  • begins with plain (monophonic) Gregorian chant of the Middle Ages through the development of polyphony, madrigals and opera

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time

The Current Board

President: Harold Rennie

Vice President: Eve Roberts

Treasurer: Margo Lindener

Secretary: Robert Dawson

Karen Langille

Jay Perry

Lauren Klein

Anita Regan

Christopher Purcell